The right website builder for service businesses

When building websites becomes the fun part

No code. No plugins. No trouble.

Intuitive and fun

Simple to setup, and even easier for your team to manage

A service company website shouldn't be complicated or difficult to manage. Using RubberDuck feels just like using the apps we use every day at home. It's intuitive and a lot of fun to use.

This means that your team will be able to customize and add content to the website easily, without the risk of breaking it.

Designer built templates

Grow, scale and evolve with switchable templates

You don’t need any design skills to build something outstanding with RubberDuck, we took care of that for you. Make your selection in RubberDuck's collection of designer-made templates tailored to every industry.

RubberDuck's unique design system makes it incredibly easy to evolve a website and switch it from one template to another without losing any content and without the need to start over.

Multilingual. Responsive. SEO friendly.

A unique combination of features

One-of-a-kind multilingual functionalities designed to meet the requirements of search engines without multiplying the workload and without havin to download multiple plugins.

Responsive behavior for all devices is built-in for every template, every section and every element of every website. No need to duplicate the work to ensure optimal display on mobile and other devices.

Powerful advanced SEO features that make life easier for any marketing team to get a website to thrive in search engines.

Full onboarding and support

Building a new website can be scary

New to RubberDuck? No worries.

Our team is always available throughout the process to provide you with support at every stage, whether it's in the form of a webinar, by chat or during a private training session.

With RubberDuck, building your first website couldn't be easier.

Are you a marketing expert? Freelancer or agency?

Join hundreds of agencies flocking to RubberDuck!

Stop toying around! Add RubberDuck to your toolbox and join our partnership program. It is open to all agencies, freelancers, and consultants who offer services in the fields of marketing, web and IT support.

Get access to dedicated features and tools for partners and start generating additional revenues for your business.

" RubberDuck websites got the perfect combination : incredible loading speed, low carbon footprint, user-friendly UI, impressive SEO performance and visually outstanding themes. "

Built-in third-party integrations

No code. No plugins. No trouble.

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Schedule a demo with us

Keep the human touch

Whether it's because you have specific questions about RubberDuck's capabilities, because you prefer to be accompanied in discovering its features or simply because you would like to get to know us, we invite you to schedule a product demonstration with a member. of our team.