We've accomplished much, yet there are still more incredible things to come

As a young startup, we're acutely aware that RubberDuck isn't perfect, and there may be occasional bugs or inconsistencies. However, we're eager to work closely with our users to identify and address these issues promptly. Your feedback is invaluable, and together, we'll continue to improve RubberDuck, making it an even more exceptional website creation tool.

Looking ahead, we're excited to share our vision for RubberDuck's future. Our roadmap includes exciting developments such as more third-party integrations, an expanded library of website templates and e-commerce capabilities. We're committed to staying at the forefront of web development, and your journey with RubberDuck is set to become even more dynamic and powerful.

Q2 2022

Transfer to AWS infrastucture : successfully completed the transition of RubberDuck to an AWS infrastructure, ensuring improved scalability, reliability, and performance for our platform. This migration involved the migration of databases, application servers, and storage to AWS, allowing us to better serve our growing user base. (completed) 

Centralized logins : This feature allows users to efficiently manage multiple websites from a single, unified account. Users no longer need to juggle different sets of credentials for each website they manage. This streamlines their experience and saves valuable time.Centralized logins have been particularly well-received by experts, agencies, and freelancers who frequently handle multiple clients' websites, making their workflow more efficient and manageable. (completed)

Self-service : Users can now explore independently without the need for a guided demo or installation assistance from our team. This self-service option grants users the freedom to experiment, learn, and build websites at their own pace, further enhancing the user experience. (completed)

Webinars : We launched weekly webinars designed for anyone interested in website development and sales strategies using our platform. Attendees gain valuable insights into building websites with RubberDuck and learn effective techniques for selling websites. (completed)

Partner program : Unveiling our Partner Program, inviting agencies, freelancers, and marketing experts to join our ecosystem. This program offers a range of benefits, including access to exclusive resources, co-marketing opportunities, and enhanced support. By fostering collaboration through our Partner Program, we aim to create a thriving network of professionals who can leverage to enhance their services and grow their businesses. (completed)

Page Layout v.3 : This version introduced a more intuitive and visual approach to website building in RubberDuck, allowing users to create stunning websites using pre-designed blocks they can now easily preview. The enhanced Page Layout v.3 empowers users with greater control in designing their websites. (completed)

New template : Daisy is the latest addition to our template library! Daisy is a fresh, modern, and versatile template designed to suit a wide range of styles and purposes. Users can explore the Daisy template and see it in action through (completed)

Q3 2022

Image Cropping Tool v.2 : This revamped tool completely overhauled the user interface for editing images, making it even more intuitive and user-friendly. New features were introduced, including the ability to flip and rotate images, giving users greater control over their image customization. (completed)

Quick Help and Online Chat : We implemented a Quick Help Tool directly within the application. Users can now search for any keyword or topic and access a wealth of information instantly. Whether it's learning how to perform specific tasks, understanding features, or troubleshooting. Also, users can now connect directly with our customer service team through chat. (completed)

Financing round : successfully completed its first financing seed round, raising a total of $1 million. These funds will be instrumental in further developing our platform, enhancing features, and expanding our user base. The success of this financing round reflects the trust and confidence that investors have placed in our team and our product. (completed)

Q4 2022

Form Builder v.2 : A significant enhancement to our form creation tool, we've added the email confirmation feature, giving users the ability to include an email confirmation that would be sent automatically upon any form completion. Also, users can now set up custom redirections to specific pages or URLs after form submission. This feature enhances user experience by providing a seamless transition to relevant content or confirmation pages. (completed)

New Template : The latest addition to our template library, Ludwig is characterized by its modern, minimalist design, making it an ideal choice for users who prefer clean, elegant aesthetics for their websites. Ludwig's style emphasizes simplicity, spacious layouts, and a focus on content. Its clean lines and well-structured design make it suitable for a wide range of websites, from portfolios and blogs to business websites and more. Users can explore the Ludwig template and see it in action through (completed)

RubberDuck Discord Community : Highlighting the vibrancy of the RubberDuck community, we're thrilled to announce the launch of the RubberDuck Discord Community. Our community has grown and thrived, and we wanted to provide an even more dynamic space for interaction and collaboration. Join the Community: (completed)

Q1 2023

Onboarding Tutorial : Introduced an Onboarding Tutorial to enhance the user experience for new users. This tutorial is designed to guide new users through the basics of building a new website in RubberDuck, ensuring a smooth and productive start. (completed)

Menu Management v.2 : We revamped the Menu Management tool, bringing about a more fluid and user-friendly experience. (completed)

Colors Management v.2 : Introduced a completely new way to manage colors in RubberDuck's templates. We've implemented a system based on patterns to ensure that even users with zero design experience or talent can achieve the best possible results. (completed)

AWS Infrastructure v.2 : Upgraded our AWS infrastructure in to add the necessary services to support worldwide accessibility and scalability. (completed)

Data Privacy Tool : To align with data privacy regulations, we introduced a GDPR-compliant Data Privacy Tool. This tool allows website owners to add a consent popup for visitors, requesting their consent for cookies. (completed)

301-302 Redirections Management Tool : Introduced a new tool that enables users to manually add redirections as needed due to changes in their websites. This tool helps users preserve SEO points and ensure a smooth transition when modifying or redesigning their websites. (completed)

Page Layout v.4 : Introduced a more intuitive navigation panel on the right side, providing users with more control and convenience when accessing and managing content. (completed)

RubberDuck in Schools : We are excited to announce that is now being integrated into educational curriculums. In collaboration with schools, we offer free student access to RubberDuck for courses related to website design, business launch, and more. (completed)

Q2 2023

Integration Center Phase 1 : Laying the foundation for hosting all kind of integrations, this first feature empowers users to extend the capabilities of their websites by seamlessly integrating third-party applications, it allows users to connect various widgets and other tools to their websites, enhancing functionality and customization options. (completed) 

New Integrations : Added new third-party integrations to, including Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. These integrations provide users with valuable insights and tools to enhance their website's performance and visibility. (completed)

New Template : Introduced the Balthazar template, the latest addition to our template library. Balthazar's design is characterized by its contemporary and versatile look.  Users can explore the Balthazar template and see it in action through (completed)

Added Agency/Freelancer Status : Introduced a new access level for agencies and freelancers who need to manage multiple websites for their clients. This ensures that they have the appropriate level of access and control over their client's websites. (completed)

In-App RubberDuck Subscription Payment : To enhance convenience, we've integrated payment management for RubberDuck's subscription directly within the app. Users can now manage their subscriptions effortlessly without leaving the platform. (completed)

Built-In Apps control : We've empowered users to add built-in apps to their websites without needing to contact customer service. (completed)

Template selection control : Users can now switch the template used for their website without having to contact customer service. (completed)

Content Delivery Network and New Cache System : Significantly improved the speed of websites built with RubberDuck by implementing a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) and developing a new cache system. This enhancement has reduced the base loading time for a homepage to under 0.2 seconds, making it one of the fastest in the industry. (completed)

Page List Summary v.3 : Revamped how the Page List Summary is presented, adding more relevant details and making it more intuitive for users to understand how regular pages work seamlessly with built-in apps pages. (completed)

Q3 2023

Integration Center Phase 2 : Integration Center Phase 2 is set to introduce more complex third-party integration possibilities. These integrations seamlessly connect to any forms on the website, offering users advanced functionality and flexibility. (completed)

Social Media Updates : Changing Twitter names and logos to "X" across all templates and adding a variety of new social media options and links. Users can now showcase platforms like Threads, Vimeo, Linktree, Twitch, Discord, Slack, and Google My Business on their websites. (completed)

Website Languages control : Adding a feature to allow users to add or remove languages for their website by themselves. Users can also select a primary language for their website without the need to contact customer service. (completed)

US Server Installation : In an effort to improve website performance and data privacy for users in the United States, we plan to install US-based servers through AWS.  (completed)

New Onboarding Tutorial : Enhancing the user experience based on feedback received since the feature's initial introduction. The updated tutorial will provide even more guidance and support to new users, helping them get started on their website-building journey seamlessly. (completed)

Q4 2023

Integration Center Phase 3 : In this third phase, RubberDuck is taking a giant leap forward by enabling seamless connections with third-party applications through our built-in apps, all without requiring any coding from the client's end. Businesses who previously had to invest thousands in custom development to connect their preferred tools to their websites can now do it at no additionnal cost simply by copying an API key.

This development opens a new realm of possibilities. We aim to connect ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) like Indeed, Folks, and BambooHR with our Career built-in app, streamlining the recruitment process for businesses.

We also plan to seamlessly connect ticketing systems such as Ticketpro,, and many more with our Events built-in app, making event management a breeze.

Property Management : We will be introducing a new built-in app, a property management module. This versatile tool caters to the needs of real estate brokers and property managers. It enables users to manually create property listings or automatically feed their website from any MLS (Multiple Listing Service) platform. Visit Real Estate by RubberDuck website at (completed)

New Integration : We are adding Syncbroker, an MLS synchronization solution. This tool is particularly valuable for real estate professionals, allowing them to synchronize property data seamlessly between their website and MLS platforms. (completed)

New Integration : FollowUp Boss is a dedicated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution designed for real estate brokers. This integration empowers real estate professionals to manage their client relationships efficiently and enhance their business operations.(completed)

New Integrations : RubberDuck users can expect a plethora of new integrations, particularly with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and email marketing platforms. 

New blocks/sections : We'll be introducing new sections in all templates. One noteworthy addition is the Content & Form section, which is particularly useful for creating landing pages. Additionally, users can expect to see more header sections featuring carousels, enabling dynamic and visually appealing website designs.

Image Cropping Tool v.3 : In response to user feedback and in our commitment to providing the best user experience, we will be working on a new version of our Image Cropping Tool. This version includes crucial adjustments to ensure that users have a seamless experience when editing images. Our focus is on eliminating issues where users face difficulties in cropping images to fit their chosen templates. We'll also be updating our image optimization feature to ensure better image resolution on mobile devices and tablets.

Q1 2024

New Fonts : We plan to introduce a wide array of new typography fonts possibilities for RubberDuck websites. This update will empower users with greater flexibility in choosing fonts that align with their brand and design preferences.

New Integrations : Our goal is to expand the third-party integration options by adding new CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), email marketing platforms, ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), and ticketing systems.

New Templates : We expect to rollout new templates in order to offer fresh design options for users, catering to a variety of website styles and purposes. (to be confirmed)

Menu Management v.3 : This improvement aims to make the menu management interface even more user-friendly and intuitive. (to be confirmed)

Q3 2024

Unveiling of our AI project : content creation for texts and images (to be confirmed)

New Integrations : Our goal is to expand the third-party integration options by adding new CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), email marketing platforms, ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), and ticketing systems. (to be confirmed)

New Templates : We expect to rollout new templates in order to offer fresh design options for users, catering to a variety of website styles and purposes. (to be confirmed)