RubberDuck is a tool similar to a web builder or a content management system as it enables agencies, freelancers and pretty much anybody to build and manage websites.

We built RubberDuck to bring back some joy in this arduous process.

All tools The biggest differentiator of RubberDuck, is that instead of being simply a drag & drop building blocks system, it offers the same kind of experience as the Lego kits.

With all the right pieces and easy to follow instructions that get you a perfect result, no matter how good, or bad, you are at building an Eiffel tower.

And that's why our users, both agencies, freelancers and their clients, love to work with RubberDuck

The feeling bricks We built RubberDuck and got to that result by working backwards from the needs and demands expressed by a large group of agencies and freelancers that considered website development to be a necessary evil.

Here is an example of one of the shopping list these agencies provided us :

Any of this speaks to you?